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Diamond Shape

There are two different diamond shape categories � round and non-round, also known as fancy shaped. Round diamonds have traditionally been the most in-demand shape, but today non-round cuts such as Oval and cushion are gaining in popularity.

Did You Know?

Round diamonds are the only diamonds with the necessary dimensions and proportions to be graded as ideal (the cut that reflects the maximum amount of light).

With so many different diamond shapes to choose from at Solomon Brothers Jewelers, you can select a diamond that truly reflects the personality and style of your future bride.

Browse through our selection of diamond shapes below to learn more about each.

Brilliant Round

The most traditional shape for an engagement ring diamond with 58 facets for spectacular fire and brilliance.


Oval cut diamonds are considered an attractive and romantic style. They are basically an elliptical version of the round brilliant diamond.


This diamond cut features exquisite, understated elegance with fewer facets, but classic appeal.


Another attractive antique style, it brings back the romance of a bygone era. Cushion cut diamonds often appear softer due to their rounded corners.


These diamonds are octagonal or square with beveled corners. This magnificent antique cut is enjoying a well-deserved resurgence in popularity.


This diamond cut admired for its contemporary lines, sharp corners and many sparkling facets.


Known for its captivating grandeur and royal heritage, this diamond often looks larger than it actually is. It is often described as an oval cut diamond with pointed ends.


This sparkling tear-drop shape evokes the qualities of an oval and a marquise. Sometimes a pear-shaped diamond might be referred to as a teardrop.


A unique cut capturing the elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round. These diamonds have a crisscross facet pattern.


The Valentine of diamond cuts and the perfect choice for pure romantics.


A stunning triangle of fire with pointed or rounded corners.


A rectangular or oblong shape celebrated for its quiet beauty

Tapered Baguette

A relatively long and thin baguette with one pair of tapered sides.


A four-sided diamond in which two of the sides are parallel and two slants towards each other; trapezoids are normally places on either side of a central diamond.

Half Moon

Straight on one side and curved on the other, these side stones are usually set with their straight side adjacent to a center stone.